Live Online 6-Hour Initial Assistance with Self Administered Medication Training

  • 4Hrs Alzheimer’s Level II
  • 4Hrs Alzheimer’s Continuing Education
  • 3 Hrs Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Online Course
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Related Disorders Level 1 Training
  • 26hr ALF Core Training (English)
  • HIV and Aids Quiz
  • 6-hour Med Tech
  • 28hr Core Training (Spanish)
  • 3 Hrs ADL & Resident Behavior and Needs Course

During this crisis, AHCA has approved this class to be offered Live-Online. Until further notice, we will offer this course on a weekly basis.

  • Date: Oct 23 , 2020
  • Time: 9am-3pm
  • Location: Online at alfcoretraining.net
This class will be taught live by Tamika Ganzy in an online portal. Every student will be required to have access to a computer or mobile device and demonstrate practical knowledge in order to receive a certificate.

*** Agenda ***

  • Safe storage, handling, and disposal of medication
  • Understanding of and compliance with medication instructions on a prescription label, a health care practitioner’s orders, and proper completion of MOR form
  • Commonly used medications, their common side effects, and symptoms of adverse reactions
  • Safety and sanitation practices while administering medications
  • Medication administration documentation and record-keeping requirements
  • Medical errors and medical error reporting *Determinations of need for medication administration assistance and informed consent requirements
  • Procedural arrangements for clients who require medication offsite
  • Validation of skills (see validation sheet)
  • Six rights of medication administration
  • 2-hour update (see update sheet)

  • *** Rules ***

    1Class hours 9-3:30pm
    2Must have paper and pen to take notes
    3Must be signed on to actual computer with attached camera (no tablet or phone)
    4Must be stationary. Cannot run errands or drive during class time
    5Must be seated erect with camera on face at all times
    6Must be seated erect with camera on face at all times
    7No refunds for any reason