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Introduction to ALF Core Training

ALF Core training is a course for anyone who wants to become an administrator in any ALF in Florida. The ALF Core Training courses are required to be completed before you take the state competency exam to qualify for the assisted living administrator certificate.

The course is also required for ALF “manager” and Extended Congregate Core Supervisors. Department managers and other staff who are working in an assisted living facility also have one or two things to gain from taking the ALF core training through the process of learning the different regulatory requirements needed to operate an ALF.

We offer you up to two formats:

  1. ALF Online Core Training
  2. Classroom ALF Core Training

Either you take the ALF Core Training online or in person, it doesn’t matter; it all depends on your learning style. We teach the same content, whether you take the course online or in person.

  • In-person classes are provided in a convenient weekend format (you get up to two weekends back to back) or by contract with entities that want to train ten people or more.
  • The ALF Online Core Training has a partnership with the Florida Senior Living Association, with Monica Wilson being the teacher. The ALF Online Core training also allows trainees to finish up the core training education at their convenience. The course includes email support, mobile app access, module quizzes, and downloadable course materials.

We have a belief that the ALF core training is one of the first steps to take to familiarize investors, developers, potential operator and operators with the minimum standard and requirements for operating and opening an assisted living facility in Florida, together with an understanding of who can be served in ALF and what services may be provided.

What Are The Services Or Courses We Offer?

  1. ICE Bridge provides consulting services at an affordable price plus customized training programs and all the compliance tools you’d need.
  2. We also help in ensuring facilities needed got the development procedure and policy manuals, general consulting service, plans of correction, operational best practices, emergency environment control plans,  comprehensive emergency management plans, amongst others.